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Bobajoy Flavors

With Bobajoy, we share with you a variety of products that you can include in every recipe for our customers.

Wherever You Want

As Bobajoy, you can consume our products we offer to our valued customers as you wish. Which one did you choose?

Of the fruit The Most Joyful Way

The chefs' choice ; a cheerful snack that you can serve with dessert or with your drinks.

At Bobajoy, we believe that our products can make people happy and help them connect with friends and family with joy.

Bobajoy <span>Cares About You</span>
Bobajoy <span>Cares About You</span>


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Countries We Work With
Bobajoy flavors and product is just around the world. Our taste journey started from Turkey and Bobajoy flavors now reach people in more than 10 countries in 3 continents. In addition to being the manufacturer of first class fruit balls, Bobajoy also served as a service provider in many areas in the sector.