A Story That Begins With Us And Continues With You...

In 2016, Sabri Eyyüp Küçük and Şiar Turan laid the foundations of Bobajoy by bringing together their research an observations to add innovation and fun to the food industry This adventure, beggining in İstanbul, started by presenting our products to thousands of cares and restaurants in Turkey and then in the Middle East and met people's sweet addiction with innovative products. Being the suplier of first class popping boba, it has also undertaken the task of providing services in many areas in the sector. With Bobajoy Academy, we started to share the unlimited usage areas of the product by providing hands-on training and product training for our customers. At Bobajoy, we believe the our products can make people happy an help them connect with their friends and families with joy. We continue to present this belief to you with or product range that we develop every day. 

  • Happiness
  • Product Variety
  • Accessibility 

We offer all our individual and corporate customers carefully prepared and produced orders with.

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