Gulfood Dubai 2024 with Bobajoy: A Journey to the Future of Food

Gulfood Dubai 2024 with Bobajoy: A Journey to the Future of Food

Gulfood Dubai is an impressive exhibition that brings together the leading names of the food industry, innovations and future trends. Dec. This exhibition, which Dec Decodes the food trends of the future, not only brings together the current players in the industry, but also brings together the leaders and innovators of the future.

February 19-23 Dec 2024 Gulfood Dubai International Food and Hotel Equipment Fair was one of the biggest and most exciting events in the industry. The fair brought together more than 5,500 leading food and beverage companies, showcasing more than 150,000 new products from more than 190 countries Dec.

As Bubble Tea by Bobajoy, we took our place in this giant organization and set off to Dubai to explore new ideas and opportunities for the food world of the future. We received great attention throughout the event by playing an important role in the fair. We have attracted a lot of attention with our stand, innovative products and unusual presentation.

While interacting with our visitors at the fair, we emphasized Bobajoy's priority on quality and taste. In addition, by evaluating the opportunities to cooperate with other leaders in the sector, we have established important connections for our future projects. Bubble Tea by Bobajoy as Gulfood, we are proud to be an unforgettable part of Dubai 2024 and are committed to continuing our mission of leading the future food industry.

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